Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday 7/9 new releases!

New offer for today's NEW RELEASES! Who says Mondays need to be bad days?

Here's a peek of just SOME of the new releases! Head to the SHOP to see what else is new!

Fun stuff, right?! Don't forget, EVERY Monday is new release day!

Happy crafting!

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Wow. I did it! Paper Play Studio is HERE!

This has been a little secret of mine for awhile now.. I tend to blurt out things I want to do... or make.. and then it doesn't happen. I wanted to wait until I REALLY knew this would come to be before telling anyone. About a week ago I told some close crafty friends my little idea and here I am! TA-DA! I've put together my own little button business! Adorable little 1" flair buttons for paper crafting!

The idea for this whole business came along when I was crafting (as usual) and had some buttons (flair) from another company. I was just holding it thinking, "I wish I could make my own, that would be awesome.. and I like being awesome.. dang.. I need a coffee... great, the cat just threw up.. gah!".. OK, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the idea.

I bought myself a cruddy little $30 button maker. It didn't keep my button images even, the mylar covers looked scratched, etc. It just didn't feel like quality. I found myself browsing online that same night looking at commercial grade button machines. Kinda pricey for just a fun crafty embellishment maker for myself. So.. more wheels were turning and I thought, "Hey.. I could SELL them!"... then the obsessing began. I ordered my machine, designed a LOT of button sets, (I have a LOT more to list in my store.. new sets weekly, for sure!) and started getting my behind the scenes stuff taken care of. A BIG thanks to my hubby who basically let me hide out in my craft room for two days straight while he tended to the kiddos, lol! I was determined to open up shop on Monday, July 2nd. And welp, I did!

My button maker came a few days ago and I started whipping them out.. testing them, checking print quality, etc. and I think you all will LOVE them and LOVE the quality of these! So, because I am dying to get these buttons out to all you crafty peeps, I've got a week long GRAND OPENING special going on. Using the code ILOVEPPS will give you a FREE set of buttons with the purchase of two sets.

FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS.  Please come like Paper Play Studio! I would love you all to help me spread the word! I will have a huge Facebook giveaway going on soon.. HUGE.

In case some people just discovered me.. or just haven't put two and two together; I'm Tamara from Happy Life, Crafty Wife. Yes, I like full plates.. lol! This is something my dear husband will be helping with when I need him, plus he will be drawing some fresh and original artwork for the Paper Play buttons!

So.. are you ready? Stop on my the SHOP and see what yummy buttons there are! Grand opening special ends next Monday!